The Snow Ghost Inn


The Snow Ghost Inn, formerly know as the Das Hofbrauhaus, was built in the heart of Big White Ski Resorts village in the 1980. Originally built as a hotel the building later became a privately owned condominium. In the early days the building was probably best known as the home for Rose's pub. A hopping bar that featured amazing one-man bands that helped establish the international standard for rockin aprés ski watering holes.

Over the years Big White Ski Resort has grown to become an internationally acclaimed resort destination with unmatched ski to and from accomodation access with an emphasis on family friendly services and activities. The Snow Ghost Inn remains in the heart of the Big White community and continues to be a recreational retreat for many Okanagan families. Several families call the Snow Ghost Inn their home year around while other units are rental properties.

Even though the Snow Ghost Inn is one of the oldest buildings on the hill it continues to be a favourite by many. It's indoor swimming pool, hot tub, games room, seasonal pub and restaurant matched with it's affordability make it unique amongst many of the resorts newer supersized structures. The Snow Ghost Inn continues to draw families and guests year after year to experience the Okanagan's famous champagne powder.